10 Morning Affirmations To Win The Day (And Your Life)

Why You Need To Say Morning Affirmations Every Day

If you win the morning, you win the day

Tim Ferriss
A silhouette in the sunrise (morning affirmation)

Whenever you start your morning wrong, and everything seems to be against you. You’ll find that will usually follow you through the day. The same is true with the opposite.

If you start the morning well, you’ll tend to have a good day.

So why wouldn’t you aim for that every single day.

By saying morning affirmations you can begin to alter the way you start your mornings and the thoughts that you are starting your days with.

Why Morning Affirmations Work

Morning affirmations work because you are inputting happy, positive and believing thoughts into your brain.

Having belief that you are going to have a good day, that you are going to live your day to the fullest and achieve everything you want to is a worthwhile goal.

These are thoughts that will guide you and after reading and saying them day after day they will become part of you – and how you operate as a person. If you grew up with manners, you keep your manners. It is an integrated part of your being – the same with idioms/sayings that you’ve grown up with.

The same with your morals and beliefs.

Choose what thoughts you start your day with – and you’ll have better days.

Here Are 10 Morning Affirmations For You To Try Today

Even if it’s not currently morning. (I won’t tell if you don’t)

  1. I am happy and content
  2. I make progress on my goals every single day
  3. I will achieve all I set out to, as long as I think about it daily
  4. I am energised and I have the power to do anything I desire
  5. I am loved and have people who care about me
  6. I am like water. Calm and still, ferocious and unending
  7. I am grateful for my life
  8. I am the master of my thoughts
  9. I do more than I can, better than I think I can
  10. I live life fully

Want To Develop Your Morning Routine? Start Journaling

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