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A Daily EDC (on a budget)

A budget EDC (Everyday Carry) will get you by in life, they make those daily tasks easier and ensure that whatever you need to grab life by the horns – is always within reach…

Within your pockets. (You could also get yourself a small bag, that would work too)

By keeping this list to budget-friendly items (excl. the watch recommendation) they are all below £20 and will serve you well. I have the majority of these items and they stand the test of time.

Why do you need an EDC?

You should have an EDC so that you’re never caught off guard by life.

It looks good when someone needs to borrow a pen and you have one in your pocket, or that you can write down your e-mail and phone number and give it to someone.

A watch is not only incredibly practical but, for men, brings an outfit together.

Don’t ruin your image by having a dozen keys jangling around or having a velcro wallet while you pay for something in front of others. Step up your game – on a budget (don’t break the bank pretending to be rich – that doesn’t work)

What should be a part of your budget EDC?


A good pen will serve you well.

It needs to be reliable – and practically anything better than a chewed bic

My go-to brand tends to be Parker.

In particular, the Parker Jotter (This one is on offer at the moment)

From signing paperwork, lending out a pen or just jotting down notes, keeping a pen in your pocket will help you greatly.

I’m never far away from a pen!

Buy Now: Parker Jotter XL Ballpoint PenAmazon


You’re gonna need some paper to use your pen on.

And write down all your incredible ideas to make your life better!

You could go for some fieldnotes, I tend to go for this Moleskine Cahiers. Just the right size, can take a beating and far cheaper!

Although I did just buy some Bookshelf themed ones from Waterstones for a little more, these are my staple and I buy them in bulk.

Buy Now: Moleskine Cahier Journal, Set of 3Amazon


This is actually the very wallet that I use every day!

I switched to this from a bifold wallet with a change purse. It was fine, it got the job done.

But this looks good, feels good and has enough to carry everything I need.

I don’t tend to use change now because of COVID so hurray for the ridding of the bulk

Buy Now: Men’s Leather WalletAmazon

Key System

Don’t be a school caretaker…

You shouldn’t be wandering around with practically a cowbell attached at your hips.

Get some kind of key system. Unless you’re willing to pay for something like a KeySmart (attachments not always included) then I suggest something like this simple leather key organiser.

It’ll keep your keys together, not scratching anything and absolutely silent.

Buy Now: Leather Key OrganiserAmazon

Extended EDC – some other things

The above selection of items are probably all you need, but if you have a little extra cash you’re budget EDC can accommodate a few extra items…


Being in the UK knife laws are a little weird.

They can be hard to understand – so better to be safe than sorry with getting a knife/multitool.

The one that I have seems to be unavailable now, however, this is similar in size and tools and made by a good brand.

Unless you’re going for Leatherman (£60-£240), stick to a brand like Gerber and you can’t go wrong.

Buy Now: Gerber Splice Mini Multi-toolAmazon


I don’t smoke, so this isn’t a priority for me.

However, there is always a benefit to being able to start a fire (or light a candle)

I think that classic Zippos are the greatest lighters, but for someone who wouldn’t use it often – the lighter fluid would just evaporate.

And jet lighters are seriously cool!

Buy Now: Double Jet Butane LighterAmazon


I love a good watch and think that everyone should own a few.

I’m not currently buying any more watches.

I’ve worn the same one pretty much every day for almost a year and a half. I love it, and it means a great deal to me.

The Timex Expedition is wonderful, I tend to prefer the Weekender, but that’s just my personal taste.

A good budget brand – won’t break the bank, won’t break out on you either!

Buy Now: Timex Men’s Expedition ScoutAmazon


I must admit, I haven’t bought this.

However, I have done the research and I think this is your best bet if you’re in the market for a small flashlight.

I just find that my phone is always charged and get’s the job done – although I do know that some people swear by carrying a torch on them.

Buy Now: Mini Penlight TorchAmazon

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I’ve tried to keep it as budget-friendly an EDC as possible.

(Learned Men may receive financial compensation from the links within this post – these are of no extra cost to yourself but aid the running of this website)

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