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A Gratitude List: Things To Be Thankful For

Why You Should Create A Gratitude List

Practising gratitude is one of the best habits that you can adopt. It allows you to have a different perspective on life and to really acknowledge the life that you live, so that you don’t take it for granted.

I’ve covered gratitude on Learned Men before, but this article is a more comprehensive list to help you reflect on your life.

So How Do You Create A Gratitude List?

You sit down and think about what you have in your life and make a note of them. This way you can read through the list during the day and feel a sense of achievement, privilege, calm and happiness. (Just in the fact that you can read this blogpost means that you have so much in life that others might not – that is an incredible thing that we should acknowledge fully)

What Should Be Included In Your List?

Everything and anything. You can include large things like the house that you live in, the car that you drive or even small things like a bush that grows flowers on your way to work. Anything that is in your life, that you can appreciate.

Here is a (not exhaustive) list of things to be grateful for:


  • The fact you woke up this morning
  • The ability to move around
  • The fact that you can do what you want in the world
  • Your eyesight
  • Your hearing


  • That you can eat food each day
  • The ability to save money
  • Having money to buy presents for friends and family
  • Being able to afford small luxuries (like going out for tea and coffee)

Family & Friends

  • You can choose your own family in life (whether it’s the ones you choose to keep, or the ones you start afresh with)
  • The fact that you can go out to events, clubs and groups and make new friends
  • There are 8 million people on this planet. You’ve met so few of them, there are so many more amazing people out there


  • Your house/accomodation
  • Your car
  • That you have access to a bank account
  • Technology (+ access to the internet)
  • Books
  • Your clothes

Need Some Convincing?

Just google the effects of gratitude and you’ll find a whole host of articles and scholarly research on how gratitude can impact your mental state and your life. Read here for How Gratitude Changes You And Your Brain by the Greater Good Magazine.

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