A Long Matured Place, With Someone New. Cheese?

We’ve arrived. The soft button was too good to leave behind, sadly I did have to consume it… tasting incredibly Cheesy with a touch of metal. The new journey begins. Where it would take us, I would not know. My fingers felt crispy upon the surface of the door’s dusty knob. It was overwhelmingly smooth, enough to slip off. But going onward, beyond the door. No smell this time. No yellowness lingered in the horizon. I was alone. dark ruble lay inanimate on the structure beneath my feet. I could already tell it was not of cheese descent.

A Tint Of Cheese

Bye Bye Cheese Tardis

Maybe this was a world of Cheese destruction, for the prophecy told me of many great sacrifices. Where no bodies questioningly layed about, this must have been some time ago. Long enough for the Mcdonald’s store sign to simply say, dads. Rest in piece, old plastic cheese, you stood no chance for the superior natural creation. I took what I must from the machine I had arrived on. Leaving to find something greater than old human history. For I am on a mission.

In boredom of observation of the derelict environment, I closed my eyes and thought of a new, likable place to be. This dream I could not tell you in words as it might cause severe leakage within your body. Something we all know you’ll have to bare to continue this tale. A brick capsizes, knocking my left leg from behind. Abruptly awakening me from my heaven. Going to analyse this dull lifeless object, I become sprung upon a series of creatures, no smaller than your hand. All gnashing at my face in retaliation for interaction with their brick. Noo, I screamed! Managing to release my face from these miniature dwarfish beings I launched the brick directly towards one of the frail horrific creatures. Squish. A rather satisfying sound. The surrounding creatures glared in wonder at the brick crushed remains. TIny pincers reaching from the edges of the brick.

Cheese Wridden city

What Crime Had I Commited

They were all in sync rotating to stare at me and screamed asif something was wrong. Sounding as if a toy baby had lost its bib, charging to my current position. I looked around to see if something was wrong and quickly evaulated I was the issue. I lunged away, heading back to the travel box, for I realized this was already a site for lost cause. Surveying my road for the return revealed more of the bug-like aliens composing towards my target. The time travel box will be lost, surely. Bugs traveling through time and space. A scary thought. But one that wouldn’t happen, in remembrance of the cheese button, I had consumed moments before leaving its premises.

A new plan for my epiphany had awoken me to realize for the forsaken end if I was to return to the box. To dads, I must go. Half covered in rock, dads seemed more like a bunker, prepared for war. Brilliant. Just what I needed. For this was a war like no other. An overwhelmingly biased war. Small verses large. I had to use all I can. Even if that was just plastic cheese. Sliding through a slither of a gap of what was a window. I grabbed the nearest objects consisting of a table, a mobile phone, some empety big mack boxes, a starfish and chicken nuggers to fill the breach. From behind a fresh arm handed me additional nuggets to patch the ceal. Ah thats enough I thought. Turning around to see a regular standard human gazing upon my godlike but torn stature.


The Cheese Man

Hello… he said brightly. In a moment of such intesity I was confused whither I had picked up a toxic element in the long survived nuggets to give myself such a mirrage as this. My names Jeffrey, as he held out his hand. Dispite an initail disbelief I understood that no normal imagination could source the name Jeffrey out of thin air. Jeff, and thats the limit im calling you. Jeff smiled, enjoying what social affair he seemed to gained as if the last was a melenia ago. Is there a way out of this hell. Jeffrey pointed towards what showed as a shrine of slapped together plastic cheeses. It was ingloruis. Disgusiting, is that how you have survived this affair. He simply nodded and understood the asignment.

Blades started to piece through what chicken nuggests remained placed, here Jeff pointed to go through the satanic cheese shrine to empede their lunch. I dared to follow him, clasping my nostrals in fear, as i brisked my hand along its horrible, irributable skin. Uhhhhhgggg. Goosebumps tingling down my arms, as shudders echoed down what opened beyond the inpure comodity. Jeffrey grabbing my arm led us down through the underground steps leading us to god knows what……

To continue the adventure we must find more ink to write it down, or computer batteries to upload to a near by server. In the meantime I hope you enjoyed the hunt for the cheese Gods….. Goodbye

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In a world of many humans, I am one. Yes, one that is writing this rather normal information to tell you I am an absolute pro at writing. But you already know this, as you are here. I thank you for understanding my logic or at least trying, I hope you enjoy my amazing journeys of life as much as I do. Bye-bye now.

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