Another 5 meals that are quick and on a budget

Welcome back to my return post to the previous 5 budget meals, if you missed the original you can find the link here Need a budget meal? Why not try these 5. – Learned Men. I hope you enjoy the next 5 suggestions for meals on a budget.

What Meal Will You Pick?

Avocado on toast

1. Toast

Now, a meal of extreme ease. One of soo many varieties, it has its own blog. Toast is amazing in how easy it can be done. When you can toast, fry, or bake toast to become anything. These things on top can create either a mock pizza, a rather healthy fish, avocado, and egg meal, or just simple beans on toast set up. With bread being as cheap as 40p from certain shops can give access to a range of quick meals within reason of a small budget. A carb on any term, the amazing toast can be applied with anything your brain can imagine. For either an Italian starter (bruschetta), main meal (Which can literally almost be anything) and a dessert (Banana with chocolate spread)

Crunchy sandwich

2. Sandwich

Potentially even quicker than Toast. With enough food in your fridge, you can pile in as many items as you want in a sandwich. And as long as you can fit it in your mouth it’s okay. Salad, meat, sweet stuff, sauces, anything goes here. IF you can dream of a sandwich, you can create it as close as you can… Your mind, and fridge space/availability are the limit. (Budget as well)

Need More Of A Crunch In Your Meal?

3. Selection – Cheese & crackers

A nostalgic small meal for me growing up. A simple combination of crackers, butter, and cheese. Or if you dare the naked crunch NO butter. Even beyond, you can create a series of nice fulfilling, or snackish meals that can be made out of a combination of just three or two consumables. To continue, what would be a late TV snack as well, beware of nightmares… While at the same time be used for events such as picnics. Being small and square (Most of the time) leaves a mass of room left open to store any of your other belongings in your bag or car to take as a perfect small lunch. Coupling with some grapes or other fruits (Kiwi, Strawberries) can produce a nice contrasting taste counting the cheese. I would deeply recommend getting some salami/pepperoni as well.

Now To My Favourite

Delicious homemade beef chili con carne with green onion garnish.

4. Chili

The reason why I have not said Chili Con Carne is because who always needs meat to make a chili… Myself time and time again experiment with Chili, as being my favorite meal I tend to have Chili quite a lot. So can recommend even just using a can of chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, and onion with some paprika and cumin can form a lovely thick broth style meal. Either put on potatoes, eat alone as a more stew meal, add rice, or of course add some sort of meat. Furthermore, to create some variety from time to time may be put the chili in a toco or a wrap, adding some nice crunchy lettuce to sweeten the chili even more.

Even use as a snack for movies or a small lunch with nachos, adding additional spice, cheese, and crisps to the meal. I would always recommend chili to fellow students as it’s easy to prep/cook/clean and can be very affordable to batch produce and save. When saving be careful of reheating rice, due to bacteria easily being able to grow on rice in short spaces of time. But I would highly invest in a rice cooker which is incredible, and you will 100% notice the difference!!!

Looking For Something A Little More Runny?

5. Soup/Broth

Leaving with a soup. Warm, filling, and cozy. The filling of this soup can consist of almost anything. Thick, or runny the choice is yours. Likewise, depending on what you’ve got, soup can be Suitable for any appetite. If you need a little something more, add pasta, bread, or serve as a starter. In a meal that is still used in almost any culture, you can see why it is so accessible. From this, making a lot of soup can be easy, saving it for multiple occasions to be enjoyed anywhere… (Of course find some way to warm it up if you want to – It’s sadly not magic). As long as you seal it away in a container that will hopefully not leak, with extra bonuses if it can be heated up.

Thank you for reading this extension of my original blog which you can find here: Need a budget meal? Why not try these 5. – Learned Men And for any more food or life blogs check out more @learnedmen. Bye now.

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