Here Are 4 Easy Languages To Learn Starting Today

If you’re wanting to know about easy languages to learn then stop and look no further. In this post find my recommendation for 5 languages you can learn starting today!

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If you’re reading this, then you can speak English. Luckily for you, there are a whole array of languages that are easy to learn and build on from English’s roots and its structure.

An Easy Language To Learn If You Like To Travel: Spanish

According to the Lingua Language Centre over 534 million people speak Spanish, and it’s an official language in 21 countries. This makes it perfect if you want to travel, especially around western Europe and the Americas.

Part of the reason of learning a language is so that you can speak to more people. Spanish is perfect for this, and it’s one of the better languages for natives being appreciative of your effort!

A Great Langauge If You Want The Most Bang For Your Buck: French

French is spoken as an official language in the most countries. Other than a few odd grammar rules, it really is one of the easy languages to learn. Due to William the Conquerors invasion in 1066, English has so many words taken from French.

These cognates, when you utilise them, allow you to learn languages quicker. For a great method to learn French check out the Thinking Method by Language Transfer. (I have no affiliation with the creator, but I do really enjoy the content).

Hands Down! The Easiest Language To Learn: Esperanto

Esperanto is the odd one in this mix. It’s not a language spoken by any country in particular. But you can easily gain fluency within 6 months.

How is this possible?

Esperanto was created by L. L. Zamenhof to be an international auxiliary language. A common language for people to speak to interact with others, and for international politics. As Zamenhof spoke multiple languages himself he created it to be easily learned. (Although, it is very European in origin, so not as easy for those who speak Asian languages for example)

An Easy Language To Learn For The Most Culture: Italian

That’s not to say that all these countries don’t have incredible cultures. But Italian culture is so well known, so well documented and so accessible when you visit the country. This preservation takes you back in time, and by learning Italian you can connect that that proud culture.

Italian, French, English and Spanish are all quite close linguistically meaning there are cognates and similarities.

If You Still Need More Ideas On A Language To Learn:

There are many reasons to choose a language to learn. It could be for work, for family or for travel. Read this blog post to help you choose what to learn:

A Few More Easy Languages To Learn

If the languages above were not what you were looking for, perhaps look into one of these:

  • Africaans (the closest language to English)
  • Dutch
  • German (the best language to learn for business)
  • Bahasa Indonesian (a great eastern language with western influence)
  • Norweigan
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese

There is a language for everyone to learn, you’ve just got to know what you want out of it! By knowing that you’ll have motivation to be able to learn it, no matter how easy or difficult it is. And if you want to know how long languages take to learn then you can read up on it here.

Need A Hand Learning A Language?

Learning a language can be tricky. Especially if you’ve not studied any languages before. If you want to learn a language as easily as possible, then read the following to get some tips on how you can learn a language in a few minutes a day.

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