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How To Get To Know Yourself

I’ve googled ‘How to get to know yourself ‘ before and came back empty-handed.

So I had to work it out myself.

And I think getting to know yourself might be one of the key things that people don’t do.

They go about their lives, without wondering who they could be, what they could do, what the enjoy doing or where they want to go.

They take a comfortable job, or more likely an okay job, and they just stay there and slowly move in time with the rest of the world.

By truly getting to know yourself, you’ll be able to achieve what you want to and make the right progress towards the life you want!

Ask Yourself Questions

I’m going to write about this for my next article.

I think the quality of your questions determines the quality of your life, which Tony Robbins once said.

So here a few questions to get you started:

  1. Do you enjoy your job?
  2. Do you feel loved?
  3. Would more friends or a pet change that?
  4. Are you okay being alone?
  5. Do you feel successful?
  6. Are you grateful for what you have in life?
  7. What would change your life if you got it tomorrow?
  8. Do you take enough time for yourself?
  9. Are you a creature of habit?
  10. What could you do differently/try new tomorrow?
  11. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
  12. When was the last time you cried?
  13. Why did you cry?
  14. When did you last feel true happiness?
  15. Is there something from your childhood you’d like to revisit?


I’ve written about journaling a few times on Learned Men now.

I keep coming back to it because I truly believe it is one of the most impactful habits that you can adopt in your daily life!

Success leaves a trail – I’m sure that’s a famous quote. And it certainly rings true.

Not only in other people’s lives, where their dairies can act as a step-by-step to success and how they achieve their life. But in your own life, journaling can act as a method of reflection to help you get to know yourself.

Slow Down

We’ve had a guest blog on this subject before. Jeremy talks about how you can find time within your daily life.

As you go through your life you’ll realise that peace is a worthwhile goal. And that by slowing down, you’ll achieve peace. This will result in happiness which will hopefully be an indicator as to who you truly are.

And if not, then at least you’ll be happy – so there’s no downside.

I’ve written on how you can find peace in your daily life before on Learned Men and it comes down to:

  1. Slow down
  2. Be grateful
  3. Live with purpose

Try New Things

When wondering ‘ How to get to know yourself ‘ one of the best ways to explore your happiness and passions is simply by trying new things.

It could be a:

  • A new hobby
  • A new sense of style
  • A new cuisine
  • A new walk/route to work
  • A new takeaway/restaurant
  • A new club/social spot

By changing something in your life you’ll open up new doors, experience new things and maybe you’ll just experience something you’ve been looking for your entire life.

I think that’s a risk worth taking. And definitely a key step on the journey of how to get to know yourself.

Perhaps the newest addition to your life could be meditation.

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