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How To Learn A Language in Minutes Every Day

Spend some time learning a language every day

A different language is a different vision on life

Federico Fellini

You should be learning a language.

Choosing to learn another language gives you so many more opportunities in life.

Such as:

  • Moving abroad
  • Getting a promotion (for example being able to deal with business internationally)
  • Connecting with friends and loved ones who have different native languages

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However, if you aren’t already learning another language.

You have an extra step.

Choosing a language.

You can choose any language you have an interest in, some will help for business, others for travel and there are even languages that are best suited to certain hobbies and fields. Choosing the right language is key to keeping the motivation to keep going towards fluency.

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Easiest ways to learn a language every day

These are what I’d call passive methods.

Not things that require your absolute attention, they’re great to fill your day with and having some of these will ensure that you’re learning even if just bit by bit.

Don’t let me convince you their not useful – they are!

These passive methods allow you to first begin to understand how the language sounds and then also start picking up key things both when you’re a beginner and when you’re advanced.

Passive Methods to learning a language:

  • Watching films/TV series (either dubbed with foreign subtitles or in your chosen language with English subtitles)
  • Listening to audiobooks, podcasts or radio
  • Reading comics/graphic novels in your target language
  • Changing your phone language to the language you’re trying to learn (or if this is too much install the extension Toucan)

These are all easy fun ways to begin consuming the language you’ve chosen to learn.

They’ll help keep your language learning fun and interesting which ultimately keeps you motivated to learn more.

The best passive method to learn a language?

Listening to music!

We all love music – find something catchy in your target language.

Even though you don’t know what it means – keep listening to it and learn to pronounce and sing the words. It doesn’t matter if you’re a terrible singer, this will still work!

By listening to the music we create an attachment to it and the words behind it – you can then go and find out the translation. Study your newfound text and input the vocabulary into something like AnkiDroid so you can learn it daily.

Before you even get to know 10 songs you’ll know hundreds of words…

How to make massive progress learning every day?

These are more active methods.

They’ll take a bit more time and a bit more of your attention – but so worth it.

Active methods to learn a language:

  • Sticking post-it notes onto basically everything

Know what things around you are called – chances are they’re the words that’ll come up in conversation)

  • Use apps to aid your language learning

Apps like Duolingo will give you words and structures to learn in an easy, digestible way.

Whereas apps like AnkiDroid will help you remember everything that you try to learn.

Ways to maintain learning a language

AnkiDroid will be one of your best ways to keep up with language learning.

Although it’s not the only way.

Finding people to talk to will help you by letting you practice what you learn – if there aren’t language groups near you then you can use websites like InterPals to find people to speak to who are native or learning the language you want to learn.

Equally, if you don’t want to speak to other people.

Start a diary.

I first heard of this approach from a YouTube video by Talk To Me In Korean.

I’ve since seen it a few more times but ultimately the premise is just to write about your day in your target language. If you don’t know the words you’re looking for it will create curiosity for you to learn them.

Write in your diary every single day – when you go back in a few months you’ll see how far you’ve come. From being able to say single words to full paragraphs of detailed entries!

By using these methods to keep up your language skills with the active and passive methods everyday you’ll begin to make massive progress. It won’t always seem that way but when you look back you’ll see just how far you’ve come.

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