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How To Live A Poetic Life

We are all the same, in every way that truly matters. So let’s live a good life full of love, passion, kindness and purpose.

Let’s live a poetic life – and enjoy it

Refuse Hustle Culture. Live Poetically

Don’t rush. If you can get 1-3 things done well and be happy that’s better than 15 things rushed and stressed.

If you have more than three priorities, then you don’t have any

Jim Collins

Rather than trying to do everything in a day, let’s focus on something small – something impactful or even something kind.

Do Good Work To Live A Poetic Life

And make sure to do what you enjoy.

They say to follow your passion and while there is certainly a time and a place for you to follow your passion or to just get a solid job. I think you can do good work anyway.

You can start a business on the side, you can start volunteering or you could even grow vegetables for your family and share a few with friends.

We are active, moving and living beings. I think we need to remember that to live a full life we need to be doing something. If it’s taking photos and creating something beautiful, baking bread or de-weeding a garden, doing some good work will do you good.

Spend Time With The Right People

And love them well.

I think that by the end of everything when I’ve lived a full life. All that will matter is whether I’ve loved and been loved.

I’ve got a far bit away until I’ll know the answer but I’ll stake my claim on it now – and if that’s not the case then I’ve certainly not lost anything anyway.

But that doesn’t mean you need to get in relationships and search for the one.

We can show kindness and love to family, friends and even strangers. And we should.

Observe The World To Live A Poetic Life

You don’t need to be out in nature to find beauty. You can find it within with gratitude.

Beauty can be found:

  • In your house
  • In other people
  • In your pets
  • Through art
  • In books
  • In yourself

By taking the time to slow down and appreciate what we have, and truly observe and take in the majesty of the world. We can start to live more poetically and with greater purpose and certainly a greater appreciation.

Slowing Down To Live More Purposefully.

Let’s slow down and start our mornings right. Let’s get in the right frame of mind before we try anything.

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