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Space is a vital area for us as humans to function. Deeming spaces for us to operate or to provide function. And as much as we need space to do our activities and hobbies in life, we actually need a ridiculous amount of it to store our stuff. So today I will be suggesting a few ideas on how to solve this problem.

Keeping your living space to a suitable standard presents you more than just being organised. But efficient in terms of your time, offering the maximum potential of your space. Something most of us don’t have the privilege of having a lot of. Being at University, and growing up with divorced young parents, has left me with plenty of experience in how to make the most out of small spaces.

The Analysis That Space Is Your Issue…

The first major issue most people face moving or tidying is storage.

Messy Table

Whether you’ve just moved into an apartment, spare room, or new build, storage will haunt the looming fact that you may have too much stuff. Yet you may find baskets and racks to be a suitable option to place away your shoes and coats. However you think, where does one put the rest of said stuff. Often resorting to applying cupboards and wardrobes barred shut with items that seem absurd to oddly pair, like your lovely fluffy slippers next to a bottle of bleach. An answer to these issues is simply to separate content. Think practical about your spaces. Is there an abnormal emptiness in a dish cupboard, create another shelf, or add hooks to hang utensils that would otherwise clog a cutlery drawer. The same situation applies to a dressing wardrobe, I’ve personally added a shelf for pants and socks beneath a shelf and above the bar.

At times when we see no option but to share a space between multiple categories of items, we feel the presentation of space can seem cluttered and unusual. Thus making you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with your space. Even to the point of embarrassment where you can’t conceal personal items that you prefer not to reveal… Creations such as a bed draw, or enclosed shelves can maximize space, allowing areas such as above a desk to become a haven for any random equipment you would otherwise not know where to place. At the same time eliminate any light and sound disruptions you would rather not have in the evening if someone is sleeping next to you (While using of course).

Wine Shelf

Look Around & Create Your Own Space

While you may only be taking the floor space into account, look around yourself. Walls, doors, and window spaces can accumulate a series of extensions (In terms of furniture) that can offer a range of storage solutions. Bearing in mind that they can be as cheap as £5 to £10 as well as potentially adding your own quirky details on top. I say this because even though you may go to a budget shop for furniture, old cheap furniture can provide elements for you to take apart and remodify. If your arty enough, redecorate it, make it yours. Same again, if it’s just a wooden shelf, decorate it… not just on top with ornaments, books, and other wacky things but underneath, polishes, paints, and dare I say … stickers.

Using Grids!!!

Personally, I’ve found cube storage at University extremely useful, especially by being limited to a single room for possessions. Where here I have dividers to segregate cleaning products, home gym equipment, medical, and finally books/folders. Mine only being around foot level (around 1 foot in height) allows for space on top to be repurposed, for larger objects like my stupidly big amp, crafts I’ve made, and a whole other storage unit… a set of drawers. The potential for grid-like storage is beyond recommendable as you can essentially create an entire wall into a shelving/display unit creating more density to a room that would otherwise feel a ton smaller.

Finally, as a desperate save to cleanse your space. You could sadly get rid of things, sell them at a car boot, pass them away to other family members, or put them in more long term storage (garage, attic, basement or a paid storage solution)

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