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It Works: The Little Red Book – A Summary

‘As you think, so shall you become’ – Bruce Lee

What is It Works?

It Works by R.H.J. is a New Thought work that challenges the norm of just going about your life aimlessly wishing for things and not actually putting any real thought into them.

At 28 concise pages, the pamphlet contains similar teachings to works such as The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

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What does the book teach?

The book considers the idea that there is a key to success that all successful people have used whether they are consciously aware of it or not, and this secret is constantly working and in motion.

The secret is: if you are just wishing for things in your life you will never achieve them, but if you earnestly desire what you want, focus on it and think of it constantly there is a ‘greater power’ that will conspire to bring you the ‘success’ that you are looking for.

It doesn’t matter if call this ‘Greater Power’ the Universe, an inner power, your subjective mind or God – it will bring around the results in the same way.

It Works provides a method for copying the method that all ‘successful’ people have used whether they knew it was this that gave them their success at the time or not.

Why does this work?

The majority of all ‘successful’ people have a goal that they are moving towards. More so that they have faith that they are going to get their end result no matter what. Their faith in achieving whatever they want is unwavering and undying. They think constantly of their goals and make moves to make them happen on a regular basis.

This method can be linked to Manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Whether you believe in these or not… Knowing what you want in life and focusing on it on a daily basis you are forced to think about your goals and you will have a much better chance of succeeding than just wandering around in the dark for your whole life.

It helps you keep you focused on what is important to you and even if the method brings about your results as happenstance it likely came about better or quicker than normally would have.

The Method to getting everything you want in life

Create a list of everything you want in life. Be specific and don’t hold back. Create this list in the order of their importance to you.

  1. Read the list of what you want 3x per day (morning, noon and night)
  2. Think of what you want as often as possible. While you have free moments visualise what it would be like to have what is written on your list
  3. Do not talk to anyone about your plan except to the ‘Great Power’ which tell you how to achieve what you are after

From here it is important to give thanks to your ‘Great Power’ when it unfolds the method of accomplishment to you and brings about what you’ve written on your list.

The book also states that it realises acquiring faith at the start can be tricky. Therefore, it recommends that you stick to materialistic things at the start before moving onto other things.

Books Similar to It Works

This New Thought work is similar to a selection of other books. See below for a short description of each work.

The Strangest Secret – A book by Earl Nightingale published in 1957 that was based on a previous spoken word record that defines success and how to achieve it. The book’s main focus is on wealth-building but it expands far beyond that. (Read my review of this book and 5 practical steps to achieving everything you want in life!)

The Secret – A collaboration documentary and accompanying book on ‘The Secret’ which is Law of Attraction and includes testimonies from a range of people and their personal experiences using and teaching ‘The Secret’

Think and Grow Rich A book that teaches you how to develop a rich mentality towards money and contains a clue in each chapter as to the secret to growing rich and achieving all your financial goals

All of these works explore similar content, methods and ideas and I will review each of them with their own posts soon!

Conclusion on It Works

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Create yourself a list of everything you want to achieve in life, read it at least 3x per day and think about it as often as you can. Don’t tell anyone about the contents of your list and give thanks to your ‘Great Power’ as you begin to achieve your success. While you’re going through this process make sure to change your list as your priorities shift and alter.

If you enjoyed this blog post let me know below in the comments. Also, if you’ve had success with It Works comment your success story so you can help others!

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