Life in a bigger vs smaller place

Our environments as humans have massive implications on how we socialize and develop as individuals. Either offering and closing opportunities or thoughts that wouldn’t be there without that specific space. We give all Places a meaning, a purpose, and a value. Therefore, what meaning or purpose does space give us.

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How does Place affect you?

From a borough to a Village, to a town, and finally to a city. Life unplanned has taken me to live in all these places. Whether it was a parental choice or personal desire, these locations I enhabited had more influence on me as a person than I believed possible. Reflect with me today and see If you share the same connotations.

When life starts you don’t always get the decision about where you live. Mostly, you are passed around, nurtured, and sheltered. It’s not till later in life after a few years have surpassed you begin to wonder, explore and educate yourself on the outside world.

Your Starting Place

In the beginning, I was living in a village, which contained a single store, two pubs, and a restaurant. Only really experiencing the park and occasional club session I wouldn’t leave the house very much. Here I would be playing with my lego and became very uninterested in going outside. Even now returning to the said village I don’t feel any excitement about exploring the area. It feels like a dull void in which I always have to pass in between to go to my destinations. Unsure of what the cause of this lack of a connection is, I hardly remember any significant relation to any of the space. Despite being my birth home.

This may be in confusion over this period of time spending a vast amount of it, under my grandparent’s roof. Who’s house was a monster of a farmhouse. Meaning I would always prefer there to home. Finding better toys and environments that appeared more significant, containing stories extracted from every object and place there.

Moving To A New Land

Moving on to a borough. Here my parents had divorced. Leaving me split between two different boroughs. Now mainly being alone with my elder sister at work all the time along with my mother. I began cove myself inside. Playing video games until long into the night. Barely even knowing where I lived. To this day I could not describe what down the road was like as I’ve never been there.

Too small for excitement.

Now it was time I moved to a town. One of many things. Now walking myself to high school I explored more frequently. Disclosing newfound information to my brain. I wasn’t ever very much of an outside person. However now, traveling was just part of my life. This again changed once I went to college for A-level. Attending a nearby City. On the other hand, passing every known village/town along the way. This very long ride of 3 hours a day would make me wonder hard about where we were passing through.

The Teasing of a Bigger Place

There’s a lot of world out there that’s to say. Some different, a lot the same. A city can seem wondrous in size. A dense collection of cultural blends. Something quite hard to see beyond the regular Chinese or Indian restaurant. How much would you find an excess of space impacts your life, in comparison to a compact environment? Firstly you would think you would know more about the small space than the larger one. Although, on occasions, this may be the opposite. Memory can be very prominent when addressed with very unique objects or events.

While only living in a Town for a brief period I made a leap to living in a city as a student. This enitital first year was emploded by Covid. Meaning for the most while I remained indoors. On the other hadn from time to time me and my coursemates would sometimes walk for hours, away from the city down canal tracks, Side alleys, streams and city passages. Exploring where we could go. This evidently changed how I felt about my environments now as while inside I may of been comfortable. But I like to learn. New places, new facts, mapping my environment.

In Breif

Although I do hope in reflection to my time here later in life that pollution issues arent evident in my body. Else RIP me. To Conclude, from my evaulation of a breif history of my past in location. Size matters, in terms of generating interest for individuals and groups. Places to go drive interest and future goals to achieve. Whereas I of course you owned the land you could express change how you fit. However most of us do not own huge areas of land: hence rely purely of public properties. Place will always shape the way you react to new contexts, other places and spaces and yourself.

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