Meals that are cheap? Pasta! Questioning how? Start here.

Welcome to my mini-series Meals on deals, all about surviving life…

When you’re like me and haven’t got much change to spare, I always run into a problem. Food. Issues with my regular diet are massive. Problems being caused by either, not being organized enough to have time to run to a shop to get proper healthy meals, or just being tired, resulting in a number of bad unhealthy choices…. Like Takeaways. (Please don’t feel bad over takeaways, growing up my family used to eat a minimum of two Indians a week…I know… scary, I’ll start to have the impact of that once I’m thirty) Whether you are a student, NHS worker, or anyone who doesn’t have a mass amount of time to spare, in making meals, buying meals, and planning meals. Here is a list for you…

Wild spaghetti

The beginning of the Meals

First on the list is PASTA, the Italian god-like creation. A carb that fills you up with ease, (My plate sizes are incredibly large so this is totally not bais.)Whether you want a cheese and chill or twirl and hurl. Pasta can come in all flavors, as long as you sauce them. Here, either going to any major food shopping chain such as Morrisons, Aldi, or Lidl you can pick up a stupendous amount of pasta. The likes of which will save you time, in leaving for more food for potentially weeks… Even as a quick backup, pasta can be stored long-term, reheated, and extremely easy to transport. 

Where we begin.

Starting all recipes with boiling your pasta, leaving for 10-15 minutes (depending on how efficient your hob is) in boiling water. Hint: add some salt into the water to decrease the boiling temperature making it quicker. Note, you can use any style of pasta you prefer for any of these. You will then of course have to add something to the pasta once drained… A topping, sauce, or any other magical accompaniment… 

Spices gathered

Now, starting with a red sauce or bolognese, add chopped tomatoes(drain a little water from the can if there’s too much) or a cheap passata and mix into the pasta (Preferably still in the pan). Then add a mix of your choice of basil, garlic, oregano, rosemary, or parsley. Add salt and pepper according to enhance or dilute the flavor, that’s on you. (If you want the tomato flavor a little stronger, add a little tomato paste). The usual herb blend I use is garlic, basil, and parsley, or instead oregano.

Now a simple method, if you like a more simple taste and are just for pure speed. Just a butter sauce, with salt or flavored oil. That’s it!!!

Bolognese served

My favorite

Moving from this is a cheesy method. One I couldn’t figure out growing up until now. In a simple combination of grated Cheese (Of your choice) and butter. Done. You will have such an amazing cheesy sauce. A superb supplement of essentially raising mac and cheese to a holy meal is simply adding chunks of chicken, bacon, or peas. Mwah, lovely.

Coming to the final twist of pasta I shall add, a broth. Pasta added to or even cooked in a broth of a chicken, vegetable, or even beef stock cube is lovely. This warm cozy meal is delightful on a cold day. Adding egg, chicken or any other items like dumplings can extend how long you will enjoy this comfort meal. I prefer to use spaghetti in this, although any pasta can be appropriate and even NOODLES.

Thank you for joining me on today’s adventure. Read more meals on deals here soon. Bye now.

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