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More pageviews! How to get your first 1k

If you’re reading this then you probably want to get some pageviews for your website.

After all, pageviews equal money.

While I may not have the most pageviews on the internet, I did pass my first 1k a few years back. Here’s a few tips for you to follow.

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How To Get More Pageviews?

First of all, increase your content.

That’s been my main problem over the years. I got so stuck down on wanting to create the perfect content, that would become viral or just do really well. While you should be creating content that people would want to read, and not just entirely random stuff, you should also work on just creating paths of content for people to follow through your website.

If you have a book review that did really well, then read some similar books and review them too. While they may not do as well as the first book review, any readers may look at that page too! If you can do this for all of your blog posts, and link everything together then you’ll be in a good place for when you really want to crack down on creating those viral posts.

Where To Get More Pageviews?

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Twitter is an amazing place for bloggers and writers of all kinds. Even with Musk’s takeover, it remains one of the best places to grow an audience and promote your work to likeminded individuals. I have a few Twitter accounts, one for this blog which I managed to scale up to a decent following with very little effort!

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Facebook isn’t a place where I have grown my blog, but I know there are some really succesful, active and engaged Facebook groups out there. You can join one, or create your own community of followers! That way, anytime you post a new article you can hop over there and share it with them immediately!

There are even WordPress plugins that can do this automatically for you!

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Pinterest is the social media that I’ve struggled with the most, but it has the biggest potential!

You can think of Pinterest like a search engine that whenever you put something on there.

It stays there whenever someone searches for something similar. Pinterest has 450 million active users. That’s a massive potential of people able to read your articles if you know how to market them properly.

And if you don’t have those skills, you can hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) to do it for you!

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Reddit is an amazing place, as there’s a place for everyone! Reddit has a reputation for being a weird place, and it certainly can be! But there are also subreddits for literally everything. So if your website is quite niched, then getting involved in a relevant subreddit would enable you to build a really engaged audience!

Something To Consider:

The best way to get more pageviews in the long run is through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

But that can take a few months of consistent writing to fully kick in! You can use the social media platforms above, while you build up your SEO rankings!

This way, when you write a new post you can:

  1. Share it on your social media accounts
  2. Have other people share your posts
  3. Let your post rank in SEO (Google, for example)

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