Need a budget meal? Why not try these 5.

When things take a turn in life, you just need a little or big something to fill your insides before you leave. A budget meal can leave you happy in the pocket and in your tummy. Please sit, read, and get ready to be thrown into a series of meals that will draw your attention. Let’s begin:

The list: For A Budget Meal

A group of potatoes
  1. Jacket Potatoe

To return to a classic, something my mother lived off for a whole year alone… Something so basic but can be accompanied by pretty much anything. Even just a slither of butter. Now to quickly cook, pierce the potato multiple times and place it in the microwave for at least 7-9 minutes. Unless you can have some breathing time then leave in the oven with a sprinkle of salt and oil for 1-2 hours (I would recommend covering with tin foil to save sinching the skin). While waiting, you can either continue to get ready or prepare the side or toppings you would like with the potato.

These can be Beans, salad, tuna, bacon, spaghetti hoops, chili, butter, cheese, coleslaw, mayo, and anything that suits you. In terms of money-saving, I buy a large 2kg pack of any style of potatoes (Sweet if I’m cheeky, it goes amazingly with Chili), these costing you anywhere from less than a pound to ¬£2 max from basically any supermarket. A perfect Budget Meal.

Ravioli In A Bowl

2. Pasta

In the event of a rush, two pasta’s that can save the day… Ravioli and Macaroni. Two kinds of pasta where you don’t necessarily have to add much to create a fulfilling meal. Partly in fact due to Ravioli being stuffed making it easy to toss a sauce in or make one out of chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, and any choice of herbs/spices. Or a simple cheesy butter sauce, which is easily appliable for Macaroni as it’s just a very iconic homely meal… These kinds of pasta can range in price depending on where you go however Lidl provides a rather cheap Ravioli at around 50p, and macaroni at below a pound. If you want to know more Pasta ideas Check out my other blog:

Meals that are cheap? Pasta! Questioning how? Start here. – Learned Men

Something Different

3. Stir fry

Why not just throw a bunch of stuff in a wok or pan and see what happens. This can be meats, veg, and any flavor your aiming for. If you want something slightly more filling, feel free to add on some rice as well. This can act as a majorly healthy meal depending on its filling. Chicken, onions, peppers, bean sprouts, peas, some form of a leaf (can just be lettuce) and some sort of Soy or Hoisin sauce can generate a lovely fulfilling meal.

Additionally, including an egg, boiling or frying can source that extra protein you may be looking for. Along with some noodles. It becomes something that could be prepared in terms of having all the ingredients frozen and acting as a backup Budget meal. Of course not being great, although on the other hand can be massed produced and kept in the fridge for later occasions very easily.

Some Fajitas

Why Not Spice It Up A Bit…

4. Fajitas

Very similar to the previous recipe, but flipping to the other side of the world to a more Mexican stylized dish. Meats (Chicken, bacon, chorizo…), onions, peppers, cheese, and some creation of your own or store-bought salsa can create a lovely spicy meal. Of course, produced with paprika, cajun and any other spicy means like jalapenos, give a scrumptious kick. Spice is useful for burning extra calories, due to increased heart pressure, causing overall body temperature, can cause a healthy meal or snack great for a quick bite before or after a workout. Wrapping or placing everything on a wrap/spiced rice can add those body-filling carbs that may drive you to keep going. In appose to our next item…

Not Too Hungry, Or Looking To Add A Little More

5. A Salad

Something that tends to be looked at on the lighter side. Salad can seem daunting to make a first, thinking hunger will not be suppressed. However, once routinely made you can actually quite easily prep salads or have them batch made ready for any occasion. Firstly, you will want some form of leaf, whether that’s lettuce, kale, mixed leaf, or spinach. Then accompany with something crunchy like gherkins, olives, croutons, pepper, apple, or bean sprouts. Then if you desire more or a bit of protein, add Chicken, bacon, tuna, or any other sort of meat/fish. A dressing doesn’t have to be necessary, but vinegar, Ceaser salad sauce, salad cream, or balsamic vinegar can add a more desirable taste. Even if you wanted to buff up another meal, a salad is always an easy and perfect accompaniment, to either a simple meal or a luxurious one.

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