Need A New Hobby? Here Are 5 Unique Hobbies You Should Try

They say that every guy needs 3 hobbies.

  • One to make you money
  • One to make you healthier
  • One to express creativity

I’m not necessarily sure that in a world always on the brink of war, with abundant social media, health crisises and god knows what else around the corner that we all have time for 3 hobbies.

Did someone once say ‘hobbies are for the rich’? It certainly sounds true.

That being said, if you do find the time to pick up a few hobbies then they will be a valuable addition to your life, your friends and your mental wellbeing – almost regardless of what they are.

I’ll share 5 more ‘unique’ hobbies and leave all the generic ones that you probably already know you could be doing.

3D Printing

Let’s start nerdy!

While 3d printers used to cost an arm and a leg they’ve reduced massively in price. And when you combine the vast catalogue of designs on Thingiverse that you can start to print as soon as your setup it’s almost a no brainer.

So What 3d Printer Should You Get?

I’d recommend a Creality Ender 3 Pro (although I seriously consider fully researching before you make any large purchase)

This printer is cheap, but incredible value, and has made a storm online for being a printer that you can 3d print your own upgrade for. Thousands of people online have made designs that you can download and print and then use to attach and modify your own printer and make it even better.

There’s even a few people that have used it to 3d print a 3d printer… That’s a meta-hobby surely?


This hobby is cheaper than you might think…

Nerf can be for adults because you can modify and customise your weapons., or you could just stick with the premade ones! There’s nothing wrong with that.

Imagine you and the boys all meet up on a weekend one day, all bring your own modified nerf guns and just shoot each other. Then while you all think you’re safe, out comes the guy who has the most money who has bought a mini-gun-nerf-gun and decimates you all. Throw a few beers in there and I think that’d be enjoyable time spent.


Mead is a less talked about alcohol, but the oldest that we know of.

Made simply with honey and water and left to fermet (although there are full guides on how to get best results) you can create an incredible drink that can be enjoyed all year, and be shared with friends.

But mead isn’t just honey wine, as it’s more commonly known, but it can be flavoured with almost anything. It’s by far the alchol that I most enjoy, the only problem is how much it costs. Thankfully, you can make it yourself at home!

And if you need convincing more than Vikings drank Mead and they were awesome.


This is a hobby that I’m hoping to start soon. Geocaching is like a massive world wide treasure hunt. You can use your phone, or a specific GPS device, to find ‘caches’.

These ‘caches’ are just hidden little spots where there is:

  • A waterproof container
  • A piece of paper for you to sign your name
  • A small space for trinkets to share between geocachers.

Some of these spots are incredibly well hidden and will take a bit of thinking to wrap your head around.

But as long as you have a smartphone – you can get started.

Therefore, this hobby doesn’t have to cost hundreds and hundreds of ¬£’s like so many other hobbies might.


Now here me out on this one, you’re not going to be able to learn all of ‘History’ that’s not what I’m suggesting. But I am an advocate for knowledge and exploring where your curiosity takes you.

If there’s a time in history, a movement, an era, a development, or whatever at all it is that fascinates you then explore it.

Go down the Wikipedia rabbit hole (because teachers nowadays are wrong, Wikipedia is an incredible source of information) and research and learn. Then go ahead and buy books on it, read magazines and articles. You can watch documentaries and delve deep into it all.

But I’ll just forget it”

Here’s what I’ve found… You don’t tend to forget what you’re interested in!

If you’re interested in Football and watch football matches and bet on games then you tend to remember players and managers and specific moments. That’s because you’re interested in it. Find out what else you’re interested in and become a font of knowledge in it.

Conclusion – Choose 3 Hobbies

These hobbies can be as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be, but they’ll certainly give you something to talk about with your friends or even involve them in it! Whether it’s making your own Mead, printing 3d presents for your family or shooting them with a nerf gun. There’s certainly something for everyone.

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