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New To Fountain Pens? Try Cross

Every man should have a fountain pen. I suggest that your first should be a Cross Fountain Pen.

I think everybody should own a few reliable pens that you know won’t break down when you need them most. It may be a small thing but having a pen die as you write and switch from black to grey to none existent isn’t what I’m looking for. I’m an avid writer, I always have been, and I genuinely think that pen to paper cannot be beaten. A bic just won’t cut it and while my current ‘daily’ pen is a Waterman, Cross make some fine choices to get you started no matter your budget.

Why You Need A Fountain Pen?

Here’s what you’re missing out on:

  1. Pulling out a fountain pen shows people that you’re classy
  2. It makes writing for long periods of time easier (and if you’re not writing every day in a journal then I’d recommend that too – blog post on that to come)
  3. They can be a great gift to pass down to the family

What Is Cross?

Cross is an American luxury goods company that makes some truly great pens. 

Fun Fact: All Presidents from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump have used Cross pens for signing legislature.

Why Should You Buy One?

My first ‘good’ fountain pen was a Cross and it was a present from one of my older brothers and I still use it now (having bought myself a few nicer fountain pens since) but it looks good, the ink is a good price and it gets the job done well.

If you’re looking to get into fountain pens then I’d really recommend starting with a Cross.

Where To Buy A Cross Fountain Pen?

This isn’t a sponsored post, or affiliated in any way, so it doesn’t really matter much to me… But I’ll give you a few places anyway.

(If you’re in the UK it’s always worth checking out WHSmith)

You shouldn’t struggle to find a place to pick up one of these pens, no matter the country you’re in.

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