On A Budget? But Want More? Time To Have Toast!

Welcome to the returned series about meals on deals, I can only praise how much money I have saved through Toast. IT IS A GODSEND. Eating food is a major passion of my life, and I want to make it yours too!!! Let’s begin.

Toast… And its glorious creations… Why is it that we cook something twice it becomes better… Toast, toast, and more toast. Can it be… This limitless meal, upon its entire consumption, can provide thousands if not infinite options of delicious meals. Myself praising additionally over the accessible price it values itself at. Offering multiple meals for a price of 40p to £1, something truly amazing.

The Toast Begins

Here we shall begin. Consuming by itself is something potentially dangerous to eat dry, a major choking hazard to say the least. But once a slippery or wet substance (Or even moist) is applied, that hazard becomes heavenly. These substances can be the following: 





Peanut butter

Ketchup / mayonnaise / salad cream


Tomato on Bread

The Toppings

Meals that are greater than a simple snack as listen above can be where you can put a combination of other foods on top of the toast. I know, it’s insane. This Jenga tower of commodities can continue until you are pleased, mounting the bread until its crumbly foundations crack. The scrumptious meal I adore is Toast of course, but with Salmon, paprika-spiced avocado (with a squeeze of lemon), and an egg (cooked in some way). Mwah. A splendor to say the least.

Any style of fish whether in a can or raw can be a lovely accompaniment for Toast, as its silky texture contains the counter to the crunch Toast creates, developing a more lovely texture within your mouth. Although going away from what I deem a more fancy stylised version of Toast. I would just as much recommend the quick, and easy beans on toast. A dish that is quite fulfilling by itself, mirroring that of Jacket potato and beans. Although beans are easily adaptable for spaghetti hoops, both an affordable option of a shocking 13p per can from Tesco superstores, and many other retailers.

Fruit on Bread

The Crunch Rises

Coming away now, to a more sweet and tender dish. Fruit on Toast. Many people will lay chocolate spread upon the surface of said Toast and then produce banana or strawberries on this. Thus proving Toast a multi-course meal to endeavor upon. Providing fruitful flavors in purpose of quenching hunger. Tis a fact I bare deary with great joy. 

Of course, a sandwich is another development of attaching two slices together if you have not discovered this yet. On the other hand, toasting can form what we call a Toastie, morphing a sandwich into just something more. Either being melted cheese or adding elements like jalapenos and adding spice to form new dynamics. 

Now I have informed you of the achievement Toast has become, I will continue to offer my knowledge and recommend other Surviving life episodes. Such as the use of Pasta or saving space in life. Discover more at Learned Men. Bye now.

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