Something holy, and of course, a dream about cheese.

With all the things in life being on my mind, I still find time to recollect for at least 1 to 5 hours a day about the world’s most valuable commodity. That’s right. You already know what I’m on about. Between you and me, some people don’t seem to understand how significant it is. Simply radicalizing our creation of taste. A living cheese dream.

The Question (cheese dream)

What would life be like without cheese? I know, there wouldn’t be life. Because you see, without the holy Cheese we would not have evolved beyond the point of binary options. Therefore we would have never existed as there would be no, no. Meaning when we first created nukes, the world would have died of radiation fallout, but thanks to cheese. We have survived. 

In all honesty, growing up with cheese brings back cheesy and nostalgic memories. Like learning not to eat both the baby bell wax outer layer and the cheesy content at the same time. But one after the other. Or the way you could peel away a cheese strings thin oily skin as if torturing some innocent prisoner. It just wouldn’t be the same. Cause you see, the world evolved around cheese. The invention of the wheel, the cheese wheel was there, the Cadburys flake, the cheese stray was there, a cake, a cheesecake WAS THERE. Coincidence, absolutely not.

The Facts about cheese dream

With this, we can simply point it down to cheese’s natural ability to make you happy, healthy, and immortal from disease (NOT ALL DISEASES INCLUDED). Here, with a little cheese in your diet every day you can become more than human but more cheese. As supposed research according to cheese experts explains, as I am only a novice, of course, sharing my journey of learning the way of the cheese, too much cheese can release the casomorphins of cheese into your bloodstream making you addicted and hungry for cheese, as it gives you satisfaction every time you eat it. Meaning that over time you can become pure cheese, almost Cheeselike.   

A next-generation baby bell, to replace the banana

I see no harm in this, its pure proteins will provide everyone with a golden yellow six-pack of greatness. Like that of Cheesalease. And as proven by episode 6 of season 2 of Misfits, the power to control dairy products is supreme, and inevitably with the right mind can counter anything. The cow, the ownership, and God. Like a cow, God also has three letters… significance, I think not. 

In reality, being on a student budget, cheese dominates my student savings. Especially by the fact that it is even more costly because Cathedral Cheese is literally the cost of a cathedral. A cheesy joke to say the least. On the other hand, being too cheesy only makes it stronger. This makes you release the true extent of the origin of cheese.

The truth about Cheese

The secret of cheese. For generations, the origin has been misrepresented and appropriated. For you see, cheese is far beyond human, time, and simply milk. Aliens brought cheese. For they, from another timeline, wanted to enhance our terrible perceptions of reality. As they suffered without the cheese for too long and wished us not the same fate. In you now knowing this, I have already said too much. I knew reality wasn’t ready. Hence Why investing in Cheese stocks across the globe right now will make you one of the richest people in the world. I can already predict it now, cheese sweets will be bigger than chocolate, ice cream, or any other lesser dairy product. The cheese will be used for countries’ reserves, infrastructure, and healthcare. The Cheese games, death, glory, and taste. It’ll be glorious. I can see it all now. 

I must go, for I have said too much and might alter the Cheeseline. Thank you for trying to understand me. But I will return. bye now.  

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