Sports and Exercise – So Much More Than Just Health 

Playing a sport brings so much more than just regular fitness, but friendship, emotional release, and confidence. Even when gathering with friends to have a muck about playing table tennis with no bats can create a hell of a time. Banter and competitiveness bring you closer to people you may not even know: simply by spending time with them, makes you more comfortable with them. Sports and exercise are something you have to be prepared to do and put energy in. No one can force you to have fun.

Not necessarily even playing a sport, but regular fitness upkeep with a friend, companion, or even strangers gives you a sense of being and self-accomplishment. All this releases toxins you may have built up over the week. The likes of which may distract/release you from all the potential anxiety and stress of living life as normal.  

Sports & Exercise Give A Sense Of Fulfilment

Throughout middle school, the main way I made friends wasn’t over subjects we preferred to do or interests outside school. But the ability to let go once in a while and have fun playing a sport. Thus making me feel relaxed around these people and wanting to get to know them more. This is why I recommend joining a sport/fitness community younger to strengthen those bonds. Else, it is far harder to join growing up, yet not impossible.  

Growing up can cause many distractions In your life, work, education, cleaning, cooking, MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS. All culminating to a life that can make you entirely forget about your own fitness and sometimes even your social life. In the awareness that not all of us remain friends after leaving school or a job, we may become lonely. To the point where you feel anxious to even try to go to any clubs or social gatherings.  

The Destructive And Intrusive Nature Of Life

Myself being at university at the time of writing this, I can personally relate to all of the previous list of stresses when growing up. In the middle ground of not quite being financially independent and at the same time having to maintain everything for yourself for possibly the first time. A very daunting experience at first, to say the least. Some individuals I’ve known have tried avoiding these stresses, by trying to have fun, and knocking them down in the long run. Resulting in worrying financially and potentially becoming dependent on that destructive hobby. Which of course is not good.

Here is where I used exercise as a means to create stability. A sense of regularity, no matter when or where. Gym or flat. I can go somewhere to spend time with myself or others to remove all these exterior worries. I wish I could say I have a mad six-pack, soaring muscles, and thighs that would make Hercules shiver. But this isn’t necessary. I’m happy with what I am. Refreshing myself to become stronger and better over time. Additionally, I love food too much. At first, the gym like University was very daunting. Learning how to use all the equipment. Even at one point taking ten minutes with a friend laughing at ourselves in trying to figure out how to change the level of a chair on a weight machine. I am no gym expert. As you can see.

The new Reality

Nevertheless, this experience alone has made me want to push further. Wanting friends who don’t exercise to come hire out a sports court with me to mess around and simply have fun. A break from reality. Anyone I’ve ever asked in the sports/fitness community has always been willing to positively help others, by improving and helping those to become more aware of the social benefits of taking part.  I would forever recommend the impact of working out, purely on its impact on my happiness. Like I said earlier, I have no six-pack, no bulging muscles. And yes I do still feel anxious at times, life is stressful. I only have soo much time, however this time I would say is well spent.

Sports and exercise are a significant part of my mental support. I hope you feel the same about this topic and thank you for reading. Bye now.

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