Struggling with blogging

Struggling with blogging? Do this instead!

So you want to start a blog BUT you’re struggling with blogging?

You might have even set up your website or perhaps you’re wanting to stock pile a few blog posts at the start just so you can see how the writing process goes. (Then if you like writing them you can jump straight in, and if you don’t… no harm, no foul – You don’t have to publish them! Anyway…)

You sit down to write.

You know exactly what you’re going to write about.

You just can’t seem to be able to actually write the damn post. Does this sound familiar?

The Solution:

When you first look into writing blog posts, you find out that Google prefers 2000+ word blog posts for optimised SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

But to look at it another way. That’s 7/8 pages of an average novel – and you’ve probably never even wrote one page.

DON’T try to write 2000 word perfect blog posts to start off with.

Write some 300, 500 and 1000 word blog posts to get started. Ideally make them something you can link back to in the future – the more time readers spend on your blog the better.

This immediately takes away the pressure of having to write a ton of content. But if you can nail the purpose and the advice in so few words. You’re off to the races, after a while you’ll get in the flow of writing longer form content.

Do you want to know how I know that this works? Because I’ve done it right here!

There is no reason to not start a blog, unless you simply don’t enjoy writing. Try this out! See if you can add value with only using 300 words, it’s a lot more than you might think! This is exactly how I stopped struggling with blogging!

If you want to read why I started a blog, and why you should too if you haven’t started already – you can read about it here

Let me know how this worked for you, and if you have any related tips to share to others comment below!

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