The Instability Of Cheese, A New Tale

The smell. It lured my eyes to open. But where was I. Indeed that is something you shall find out. Just like myself. In a turn of events that struck me back to the past. The cheese was all that remained constant. No cars, no phones, and no bananas. What was I to do? Gazing upon the vast open field of what appeared to be a yellow mist protruding from the depths of the mud. I adventured closer, toppling over the cobbled road. A distant sound of woodturning wined in the distance coming ever closer. Once clasping the homemade dilapidated fence I could smell it even more. Impossible I thought. It can’t be.

A Cheesy Field

To Cheese Or Not To Cheese

What lay before me was indescribable. But I shall try my best. Yellow, thick, holey, and glorious. To enter this reality introduced by this was beyond expectations. Cheese. Everywhere. Was it a dream I thought? Had the cheese masters taken me to the realm of their origin. No, it couldn’t be, I would picture their fences conjured out of levitating golden beams unlike the state of this domain. If I just tasted some, maybe I might be able to understand more. Grasping its creamy outer layer I gauged a fist full of strong scrumptious cheese. Aaaaaaaahhhh I screamed softly in my head. It was real.

Humans Are Just Too Cheesy

Rudely being interrupted from my tongue dripping delicacy, what appeared to be a human approached. Yelling indiscriminately at the fact I had claimed it’s cheese. I must find them I asked. Mouth half-full, flowing cheese to the floor. Finding confusion in response. I pointed to the cheese and then to the sky. Yet again they did not understand. Simpleton, it must be. They do not know what awaits them. Or what means I have gone to find the source of the cheese for eternal happiness.

A Rather Cheesy And Angry Man

Finally, what clunked alongside the road was a wagon filled with wax, the driver was quick to embrace my standing. Holding what seemed a friendly stick towards my gut. They both yelled once more, with myself replying with a simple sigh. Bang. I felt a large hole, from where the cheese had rested inside me. No, I squealed. The cheese had left my body and fallen upon the cobbly track laying cold, next to my meat. I must seek more. Elegantly dodging the second projectile I too embraced the wielder pressing them onto the cheesy field. They collapsed unbalanced, praying for their life. The cheese worked quickly. They gradually became submerged within the cheeses depths disappearing from the light. In fear of joining the cheese embrace the other human ran away, mortified.

The Cheesy Mess They Left

Ah, noticing blood trickling out of the melon size hole in my stomach. I sourced a clump of cheese from the lost soul’s last location and enclosed the breach within my bodice. It’ll be fine now. I must continue. Silence endowed, only the distant muffled scream of the cheese bedded human remained. Turning around to survey my options, I disclosed a rather modern telephone box, yellow in color. How convenient, I applauded. Entering this said yellow box became an absurd experience. As the walls began to grow beyond the door and a space ten times the size of the exterior lay present. Interesting… Walking deeper inside the inconspicuous object, I uncovered a desk filled with jewel-like buttons. One was a triangle and gave an aroma of you can guess what. Perfect, that one…

A Cheesy Galaxy

This is not the end of the cheese journey, we must explore together to find the truth. Thank you for exploring your mind with me today and I hope to see you soon. Bye now.

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In a world of many humans, I am one. Yes, one that is writing this rather normal information to tell you I am an absolute pro at writing. But you already know this, as you are here. I thank you for understanding my logic or at least trying, I hope you enjoy my amazing journeys of life as much as I do. Bye-bye now.

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