The Snowball Effect – Start Taking Action

Ideation without execution is delusion

Robin Sharma

I want to guide you on how to use the Snowball effect to build motivation.

Let’s get one thing clear…

MOTIVATION comes after ACTION not before.

Most people tend to get this mixed up.

They use a lack of motivation as an excuse to not follow their dreams and achieve their goals. They’re always waiting for the perfect opportunity – there is never a perfect opportunity

I’ll keep the rest of this short and snappy, you have work to do. You have a snowball to start creating – I expect to see it rolling down a mountain!

The Snowball Effect for Motivation

Imagine you’re at the top of a hill covered in snow. If you make a snowball and begin to compact and roll it around, using ACTION, you begin to build the snowball and it grows. Then if you pushed it down a hill, the momentum (MOTIVATION) will take it the rest of the way.

People think that this works the other way around and begin waiting for their MOTIVATION to start the process and then they’ll take action. Your snowball will never start and your motivation will never come.

By taking immediate action with your plans, ideas and goals in life you’ll begin to see results while everyone else is waiting for the motivation to get started

This blog post could have easily been much longer…

It’s been kept short to help you realise that if you’re just waiting to be motivated to start taking action then you’re doing it wrong. When you start taking ACTION then you become MOTIVATED.

It’s not the other way around.

Keep updated for my upcoming blog post containing more scientific information about Motivation explaining ideas mentioned in The Motivation Hacker by Nick Winter and Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg.

Ride the motivation: Why you need to write a daily To-Do list.

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