The voices Of The Cheese

We begin once more on this noble Cheese tale. One of such delight to tell. For twas not a while since the last article was released … – click Here to see the previous additions to this spicy cheese story – Ongoing, we have excavated through the vast dwellings of Jeff. Embracing what leftovers of humanity he had claimed to his throne of possessions. He bewilderedly turns around and glares at something behind me, curious he seemed. Not likely of him to just discover something now since he appears to have been here some while. How strange he said, there’s never been a door there before.

The next-door towards the Cheese

Something that almost seemed written in as a force for ongoing… It must be the work of the cheese gods. Hesitantly we approached this newly conjured door. Gazing at its tinge oak frame. Not quite fitting into what would appear an underground tunnel. Jeff clasped the knob. It’s very large, he noted. Using all his strength to pull to knob towards himself. Sweating, heated, and in pain. The pressure of squeezing made him red. Almost embarrassing. Smashing against the cold wall the door flung open asif a pressure chamber consumed us into a newly created void. Light crashed through the air, causing a timely flash, putting us in concussion.

My body becomes absorbed into a crowd of hands. Scratching at my soul, separating my presence of space. This is wildly irregular. In the brisk moment, my eyes fluttered in colors, filtering the real from the reflective. This ended with a focus on perceiving my environment to be a large enclosed hall for gathering. People of all wigs crowded among the levels of this room. Bright colorful and daunting. My hair seemed absolute. For it was not something I appreciated much. Slam slam Slam. Three silencing knocks. Drawing my attention to the wigg’ed figure upon the raised desk. You sir, he roared. Did or did not you force this… (swallows) person… to engage in the welfare of living without an appropriate headset.

What is all this

I stood in awe, confusion, and mockery. I do not know of what you mean, I replied. Slam slam Slam. Listen more informatively then, the speaker yelled. How have you lost the understanding that said Jeffrey has undergone no attire upon his head for the underground dorm he presides. This is a crime, of death. Bring the witness. More hands gathered around my arms pultruding my ligaments to their limits, I could not move. A small wiggless man is brought forward onto a raised platform. It was Jeff. He stood in excitement. Then apposed his eyes upon me and turned sour realising this is not a good situation.

Now let’s hear thee. Did or did not he remove or withdraw your headpiece. Jeff attempts to speak managing to produce a simple ‘wha’ before being slammed out of speech. He did, did he. That is all, he is guilty! Attempting to yank my arms free I saw no escape, for there were too many wiggs in the way, I could not even see my escape. Smash. a window splintered upon the court. Baring soars all around. The wigged ducked attempting to preserve their styles. Crying in fear. They’re here, one yelled. Before immediately silenced by a beam of pure yellow. Splat. A pool of blood-soaked the wall leaving a silhouette of the screaming figure.

What am I To Do Without The cheese?

Who was this, I thought. Reminding myself Jeffrey still stood gormless upon the platform. A mass panic happened wiggs fell everywhere. The doors appeared crushed by its users. A rather impossible thought. Was it locked? No surely not. Again more beams punctured through the windows melting down the crowd of frightened victims. Were they here for me? I ran towards the judge’s position, climbing steep steps covered in leftover wig particles. Finding Jeffrey desperately pulling a door back and forth attempting to open it. Approaching him calmly I whispered into his ear. It says push. Leaning with all his momentum he breaks the door open in such speed. Allowing us vision of the outside world.

For where many more wigged people flew in panic, raising across the street causing mayhem. Looking up for a propagation to this, hovered holey giant, cheese blocks. Glancing lasers of cheese out of their holes. Impossible I thought. We must be too early. Come Jeff we must find a way out before they destroy the planet. At this time we grabbed as many innocent as possible to act as barriers to the cheese’s light. We found ourselves navigated down an ended avenue. Covered and soaked in the cheese-stained blood of our shields. There were no more wigged people. And as much as I liked Jeff, for a brief second I did think about using him as well. There was no escape it seemed. Doomed to the wig downfall.

The Cheese Apocalypse

here, was when we see a man on a large spinning machine inside of a bubble appear looking for a woman who gets hit by a young car. No, he sighed in annoyance asif already seen. Now was our chance. I threw Jeff at this newly entered man. Allowing myself to gain access to his rather mechanical machine. Pressing any button I could. Jeff being punched by the man fell like a bar of soap to the floor, ready for the man to bend down and finish. However, we all know that’s not a good idea. Before ending Jeff, he burst into a cloud of dust, being disintegrated by the cheese beam. Saving Jeff from an untidy end.

Jeff dives and lands face down on my lap, nudging a button in between my legs. Evidently making a display say To 1000. The bubble reappears around us as the spinners wind around the machine, twisting, and swaying until we realize outside is no longer the same…

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