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Things To Be Grateful For

There are a lot of things to be grateful for in this world. By learning to recognise them you will be able to appreciate more of what you have. Gratitude has long been attributed one of the major causes for happiness and success by Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, Phil Stutz and the list goes on.

Don’t believe me? Just type Gratitude Ted Talk into Google or Youtube and have a look for yourself!

So here are some things, big and small that you can appreciate right now.

Some of these sound a bit bizarre, but when you think about it – you’d miss them if they were gone.

Your Life

If you’re reading this then you are alive.

The chances that you are here today as so astronomically small. We hardly ever think about it. But life is a gift, be grateful for it. While things might be hard, they could be worse. They will get better.

The Ability To Read

One of the things that make us different from other species is the ability to read. By being able to read you are able to learn and change your life.

If you want to become an expert, or just learn more about something, then start by reading three books on the subject. 


Whether it’s:

  • The family you were born into
  • The family that you find
  • Or one that you create yourself

Family is one of the most important things. Being part of a tribe or a group makes you secure, brings you happiness and makes sure no matter what you’re going through – you’ve got someone by your side.

The Future

You don’t have to plan your life, you don’t have to think years and years in the future (even though there’s nothing wrong with that) but you should be grateful for it. You’re going to wake up tomorrow morning and you can either let the day decide for itself what it wants to be, or you can ensure it’s an incredible day!

Your Health

At some point in most peoples life, your health will fail. But for the most part, you’ve got most of your senses, most of your limbs and medicine is 1000x better than it was hundreds of years ago.

I think that’s something to be mighty grateful for.


Knowledge is power

Francis Bacon

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

Education is one thing no-one can take away from you

Elin Nordegren

I think the quotes above should speak for themselves, but not everyone in the world has access to education, or the internet. If you’d like a better ‘education’ you can learn anything online.


Unconditional love is rare, and a dog will give you that for so little in return. Look after your pets properly and they’ll look after your (some cats not included)

Your parents

Parents don’t last forever, so cherish them while they’re around.

Conclusion: Things To Be Grateful For

Do some research into gratitude and all of it’s benefits. I think you’ll find its one of the best habits you can adopt. And best of all:

  1. It’s entirely free
  2. Anyone can do it
  3. It takes no time at all
  4. You can start it today!

So what are you grateful for?

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