What Learning Music Gives Life

When it comes to learning music, normally I would prefer to be the listener than the performer. In a glance of skill and difficulty that would scare most. Especially in today’s world where we can navigate to youtube to see videos of what appear to be more advanced players. The situation of learning yes inspiring can become daunting. As the realization of starting off is often, wow, they must have likely been playing all their life, it’s definitely their career, or thinking it’s their only hobby. Finding initially it can seem massively time-consuming, and subjectively rewarding.

Depending on if you want to play your favorite songs first. Learning the reality of it being only able to remember the first 3 chords equating to at least 10 seconds of time. With your opinion of success being the biggest judgment here. Are 3 chords per day enough? You think. Balancing the future, on whether it is or isn’t for you. However stick around as I will argue the case for yes, it is for you.

What Brought Me To Learning Music

When I was a wee boy I loved to dance and sing, but on the other hand, I was a terrible people person. Refusing to engage with others or go to any clubs. Then my step mum pushed me to go to a musical theatre amateur dramatics club. This was the turning point in my anti-social affairs. While still imposing these awkward interactions with my time here. Being able to express my stress through singing. and especially with others enabled me to feel comfortable speaking more generally. Even if this meant still making a fool out of myself by saying the wrong things. A start nether the less.

As I became stronger with my range as a singer, the same effect occurred with my speaking voice. As the simple evaluation would be that the body functions to enable singing the lungs, diaphragm, vocal folds, tongue, and mouth to all develop for speech. Pushing the idea of a stronger voice covering tone, depth, diction, emotion, and projection. Allowing myself to express clearer, and significantly removing a massive stutter and slur/mumble in speaking.

Not A Singer, No Worries There’s More. Learning Music Can Mean Anything That Makes A Sound

While developing my voice I gained a massive passion for the piano. Mainly through starting to engage with sheet music. Overall drawing me closer to wanting to understand what it would sound like without voice. Here, my mother purchased a small Yamaha piano for me. where I started to roughly begin to learn songs I enjoyed hearing my dad sing around the house as a child. Some songs were more complicated than others naturally, Adele’s Someone like you was vastly easier than Elton John’s Your Song.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning at this point. Despite using amateur aimed youtube videos, I felt stunted. Unfree to potential as a major flaw of these videos was the ability to teach reading and applying sheet music. (In contrast to what I’m saying, there are plenty of music theory lessons on youtube, although they can seem more tedious and even more daunting to learn overall. Creating a more off-putting grueling experience to something that might just be a hobby.)

With A Little Outside Help…

In applying a free trial to simply piano I began to learn quicker. Unrestricted to limits of YouTube’s awkward approach to mixed skill-based availability. With Simply paino placing a focus on having fun and learning what music you want to. A choice is key, to freedom. As you want to learn things you will enjoy. Although at the same time learning more unknown things can challenge yourself. Making me suggest doing this style of app learning is crucial(or brilliant) for all audiences. In pushing an especially welcoming and rewarding experience, that makes you want to learn music more.

And a challenge is something you will receive the greatest joy and pain from. Making you more resilient as a person. The challenges presented in learning an instrument can be very hard to face at first, with myself forgetting to regularly do it often making me forget almost everything I would of only just learned. Setting yourself times of regularity knock onto other pieces of life, benefiting the rest of your life by creating stability. Once at the point of growth and experience, when confident with Sheet music an endless world of opportunities opens up. Increasing your ever peaceful and lethargic experience of playing alone, among others, or with others.

You Can Do Whatever You Want

No one is telling you to play songs seriously, or for money. Self-entertainment is enough alone. Who cares if you only learn meme songs to Rick Roll someone or Country Road to belt in the heat of a party, basement, or street. You’ll enjoy it. Because when your alone by yourself learning, focusing and concentrating. You are teaching yourself more than just how to create sound. But to enjoy learning, culture, emotional release, giving yourself a purpose, and self-worth. No matter what level of skill or variety of songs or music you create. It is purely up to you in what you want to do with that or decide maybe that’s all you want to learn.

Currently now learning the guitar as well, a year in I can only reinstate how free you can be in deciding what you want to do. Once more, again to state the fun and joy I and others have received from learning even the simplest of songs. Anything can be fun.

You will never know how much joy or what opportunities may happen if you simply don’t try. No matter what, just keep pushing. Learning Music is a language of life and this is your game of life, you decide how to play. Thank you for reading. Bye now.

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