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Why I Write — and why I’m writing on Medium

(This post was originally posted on Medium. Check out my Medium account!)

I have a blog — Learned Men and for the past year and a half, I’ve written over there.

It’s been highs and lows, life took over and did it’s things. It put pauses in my stride and a few obstacles after the other, and I ended up losing money paying for hosting.

Although things did change

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I started to post again. I started to put that effort back into my writing and into the site.

  • I fixed the issues with the site
  • I utilised social media to get more traffic
  • I posted 3x a week
  • I reached out to friends and family

And now, the site is fully back up and running (and is getting more views with each passing day). I even have a friend who writes for the site, and does social media too! He is truly invaluable.

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But why do I write?

Yes, yes I know. I haven’t gotten to that just yet.

I’m just trying to give you some context!

Anyway… With all the toils and struggles of domains, hosting, WordPress, social media, SEO, content and being a Student who is running another company.

It all gets too much.

Enter Medium

I’ve decided that I’m going to come and spend some more time over here, it is everything rolled into one. It is entirely less stress, it has everything built-in and is an incredible community. I can see why it is adored.

By writing on medium, everything is simpler. Everything seems calmer and less of a chore. It allows me to write like this, something that is meaningful — well at least to me — with minimal effort.

I write because I have so much to say!

So I guess a podcast could actually be better for me? Anyway, I write because there’s stuff I want to share with the world. I like the process of finding the write words for things 😉

Oh come on, that was good!

I write because it is a way to have a legacy and for you to impact others, externalise yourself and be more than just who you are and what you look like! Truth be told, the real writing I want to do is poetry albeit I’m not that great at it. It’s something to work on at least. I may end up posting some on Medium.

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Am I going to delete my site?

Of course not! I have spent too much time on there for that!

So for now: the majority of the content from Learned Men will be reposted here, as a part of my shifting over to Medium. And some original content (like this) will be here too!

This will be the place where hopefully, some of my articles can get seen, some traffic can be redirected back to the blog, the dreaded e-mail list can be built and I can write for the fun of it!

What if I do really well on Medium and the site doesn’t reach its goals?

If that was the case, then I would reconsider the life that I am wanting to create, the impact that I’m going to have and the goals that are to be achieved.

If Medium can provide what my blog can’t — and I don’t allow my stubbornness to hold me back, then I could create something incredible!

For now:

I look forward to engaging with you all on Medium. I look forward to reading your content and hopefully you reading mine. I look forward to enjoying a simpler time on Medium. And in the meantime, I will get cracking back on over at Learned Men. Perhaps you’ll join me over there!

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